Fairway Irrigation: Irrigation Services

At Fairway Irrigation Management, INC we offer Residential and Commercial Irrigation. We design, install and provide service/maintenance or irrigation systems. Irrigation can be used for a variety of purposes. In terms of residential uses, it can bring water to a garden that is used for food or ornamental plants. While such irrigation is on a relatively small scale when compared with the irrigation used in commercial agriculture, for example, the design of a residential irrigation system can get extremely complicated.

Irrigation is used to supply plants with water, using a series of hoses, pipes, and other fixtures. In contrast to a simple watering hose, an irrigation system is designed to be left in place, and can be activated manually or with an automatic system. Irrigation systems deliver water to all areas of the garden, or to a set series of zones. This helps cut down on the time spent watering when compared to walking around the garden with a hose, or to manually moving sprinklers around to hit various areas of the garden.

Today, FAIRWAY IRRIGATION MANAGEMENT, INC employs 1 full time service technician and 3 full time installers. 

FAIRWAY IRRIGATION MANAGEMENT, INC is one of Greensboro’s premiere Full Service Irrigation companies, with over 350 customers.  We install over 30 new systems annually. 

We are fully licensed and insured. 

We offer a 3-year warrant on parts and labor. 

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